Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Car Dealer Offers For Today's Consumer - Case Example, Toyota of Slidell

Let's face it. Car dealerships have long been associated with less than clear ethics and communication. It used to be that buyers would spend long hours on their off days (e.g. Saturday) at the dealership, engaging in lengthy, haggling on the price of the vehicle they wanted to buy. Naturally, with these types of bad dealership experiences,  a lot of fuzzy gray lines can be expected.

But now, largely thanks to the internet, consumers have become much smarter and more informed. And because of this, a much stronger demand has developed for straight forward deal terms and transactions. Therefore, in order for dealers to stay competitive, it has become essential for them to meet this demand. Dealers are now becoming more innovative in making transparent, but compelling offers on their cars, relying less on fine print, obscure wording and clever, slight of hand maneuvers in the deal making process. 

The idea is now to actually give the customer what they are truly interested in and to continuously come up with new and innovative offers that are hard to refuse. 

Innovative Trade In Deal - Toyota of Slidell

Thus, today's dealership experience is much different than it has been in the past. Here is one example from Toyota of Slidell, in Slidell Louisiana. 

Surely the message of this campaign is surely unexpected and comes as a surprise. In most cases, dealerships offer to purchase trade ins as a way to lower the monthly payments offered to the end customer. But in this case, the dealership is offering to buy pre-owned vehicles without the condition requiring the customer to make a purchase from the same company. 

So what's the catch? Certainly, the trade in needs to meet certain high standards in order to be considered. But also, consider the fact that  the dealership is most likely interested in expanding their available stock of pre-owned cars. In today's market, buying a used automobile is not the same as it has been in the past. Cars are now being built to last a much longer time. Therefore, used cars can be expected to be far more reliable than before. And, this has contributed to greater consumer demand for pre-owned vehicles. 

So it does work in the the dealership's best interest to continuously invest in a greater selection of quality used cars. 

In the case of Toyota of Slidell, their used car inventory includes a variety of makes outside the Toyota brand. Examples from their search drop down on their used car inventory page  include: Acura, Volkswagen, Subaru, Ram, Nissan, Mazda, Kia, Jeep, Infiniti, Hyundai, Honda, GMC, Ford and Dodge. 

So what do you think? Does the campaign, "We'll Buy Your Trade, Even If You Don't Buy From Us," grab and captivate your attention? Does it increase your trust in the dealership so that you might consider doing business with them in the future? 


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