Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's Important for A Car, Style or Substance

Have you ever noticed that many things in life often appear one way on the outside. And this image doesn't really match up with what they truly represent. Or there is the vice-versa scenario where their image may not seem all that impressive at first. But in reality, they are worth their weight in gold? Or they are kind of like a diamond in the rough?

It's rare that we encounter the right blend of beauty, style and substance. Motor Trend actually wrote an article entitled, "Ten Cars That Prioritize Style Over Substance." Here is their list, along with some brief highlighted quotes:

(1) Volkswagen Beetle

  • Described as "retro-chic" and "muscular"

(2) Nissan Juke

  • Has "unconventional exterior styling" with looks that are "polarizing"

(3) BMW i3

  • Exterior is said to be "blocky"
  • Car design "prioritizes looking weird to flaunt its eco-credentials."

(4) Hyundai Veloster

  • Has an aggressive front fascia"
  • Designed with an "asymmetrical layout" having a single door on the driver's side and two doors on the passenger side.

(5) Mercedes Benz CLA- Class

  • Has "coupelike styling" along with "panache and prestige"

(6) Mini Paceman

  • Personality is described as being "bubbly," with a guarantee that the driver will get "plenty of stares"

(7) Kia Soul

  • Appearance provides a "dash of fun"and a "joyful personality."
  • Cool details include "color changing speaker lights" and "vibrant exterior colors."

(8) Mazda CX-3

  • A stylish crossover vehicle which "looks more expensive than it actually is."

(9) Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

  • Evokes a "stunning design statement" that brims with panache

(10) Fiat 500/500c

  • Has a "cheeky bubbly exterior"
  • Characterized by a "retro-chic flair"
  • Said to "wear its Italian charm on its fenders."
Could it be that the way we see cars is somehow related to how we view people? Many of us are drawn (or repelled) by the impression we get from outer appearances. For some people how things appear is all important to them. For others, not so much. 

Whereas style has the power to captivate our attention, what about the element of substance? Deep down we also care about a person's level of integrity, their trustworthiness and what values they embody. When it comes to cars, qualities like reliability, longevity and practicality also matter to us.

Toyota, for example builds their vehicles to "demand respect at every corner." Whereas the brand has a strong reputation for being practical, 2016 represents a pivotal year for it's evolution, particularly in the area of design.  For example the Toyota Camry's exterior contours is described as "aggressive" with a distinctive "sport mesh front grille, LED headlights and 18 inch alloy wheels." 

Another popular model, the Corolla also sports a visually compelling black grille, along with aerodynamic lines and a rear spoiler. 

To compliment their newly designed, elegant exteriors, both cars deliver solid substance with amazing technology that "elevates your drive." And this goes way beyond the level of bells and whistles.  Let's talk about useful, or even lifesaving.

Information and More - Toyota Camry

One notable feature in the 2016 Toyota Corolla includes the Entune App. Face it, many of us are pressed for time as we hustle from one appointment or destination to the next. How convenient is it to be able to handle some of the smaller but important things in life within arm's reach and not have to fumble for your phone?  With the Entune system, you can make reservations for dinner, find the lowest gas prices and purchase movie tickets right from the center console. You can even view important trip information as well from your screen. 

Furthermore, the Camry also has a built in system to detect potential collisions. It then uses these signals to enact a sophisticated system of safety features to prevent crashes.

There is also a smart tire pressure monitor system that alerts you of depleted air pressure ahead of time so that a soft tire doesn't catch you by surprise. 

These are just a few examples of many examples of what the new generation Toyota Camry offers.

Toyota Corolla - Horsepower, Gas Mileage and More

The Toyota Corolla boasts two powertrain option levels offering the following horsepower outputs:

(1) 132 hp
(2) 140 hp

Like the Camry, it also comes with impressive technology that is highly relevant to our everyday needs. This includes:

(1) built in backup camera
(2)  steering wheel controls for audio and making phone calls
(3) navigation with voice recognition

Furthermore, the engineering of the Corolla enables a continued streak of dependable reliability as well as a 5 star award winning set of safety features. Learn more about the other features offered by the new Corolla.