Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not Your Stereotypical Car Dealership - Toyota of Slidell in Slidell Louisiana

Over the years, car dealerships have earned a less than flattering reputation. In fact, the stereotypical dealership experience has become somewhat of a joke. Take this video as a case in point.

But as mentioned in previous posts, things are changing. Nowadays, there are many car dealerships which actually defy the commonly held stereotype, illustrated by the video above and many forms of (humorous) content across the web. One such example is Toyota of Slidell. I had previously written an earlier post on their trade in promotion. And thus I was curious to know more about what types of reviews they were receiving. When I found out, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Testimonials By Real Life Customers Who Bought Their Vehicle From Toyota of Slidell

One site that potential car buyers often refer to when researching dealerships is Dealer Rater. They have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Here are a few almost too good to be true testimonials from real people:

  • "Just purchased my 3rd vehicle from Toyota of Slidell. No hassle negotiations. "Honest effort to please. In fact, I was entitled to a $2500 rebate from Toyota that inadvertently was not included when the paperwork was prepared. The Finance Manager called me to come back to re-do the paperwork. I hadn't noticed the error and probably NEVER would have." - posted by 3X a winner

  • This is my third Toyota that I have bought from this Dealership. Mr. Rusty Munster is the friendliest and the most courteous person I have had the pleasure to meet. Mr. Ryan Trainer has done everything possible to make me feel at home and make at ease. I would recommend a Toyota to anyone looking to buy a car, and to buy it from - posted by FOOFOO1376

  • From the moment I arrived they helped me with my purchase. Mr. Rick Oliveri was the best ,he showed me everything I wanted to look at until I made my decision to sit and start paperwork. I asked for a specific price point and payment. and he did everything possible to work the numbers. Great atmosphere and friendly employees. I would recommend anyone to visit Toyota of Slidell and definitely ask for Mr. Rick Oliveri. - posted by priscilla23

  • I was dreading buy a new car. I have had a few bad experiences. Adam was great, no pressure. Told him what I was looking for and what I could do without. He delivered quick and efficiently. Was my BEST buying experience ever. Thanks Adam, will deifinately be singing your praises. - posted by Dgiglio

  • Went to the dealership for my 1st oil change on my 2016 Tundra Crew Max. Couldn't be happier with the service provided. They took my truck back right away, changed the oil, checked all of the fluids, washed and had the truck back to me by time I had gotten a complimentary drink and browsed through a magazine in the waiting area. Been a customer of this dealership for 12 years and this is only one of the reasons why. - posted by yota4life

Surely, most people can tell the difference between genuine testimonials and ones that are likely to be fake (possibly posted by the business ). But in case there is any confusion on this point, real feedback will include very specific details and good number of words. Fake testimonials tend to be very short and general (e.g. "loved my experience, will shop here again). 

It seems quite clear that Toyota of Slidell has many happy customers who are glad to discuss their wonderful experiences at this dealership. Also, they've even made their inventory conveniently available on their site, along with a number of helpful and informative features, including their best price button and even a bonus $500 instant trade in coupon. What car shopper wouldn't appreciate that? 

To learn more about this company, please visit their website


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